Sunset Soul Food and Catering in Charlotte NC

Sunset Soul Food and Catering in Charlotte NC
Sunset Soul Food and Catering in Charlotte NC

Sunset Soul Food and Catering in Charlotte NC

Sunset Soul Food offers excellent meals, whether you prefer to eat in or order takeaway. This restaurant has a laidback and exotic atmosphere, but the prices are average. This is perhaps the reason why their Google rating is so low. However, if you want to try some of their food and experience the sultry atmosphere, then you should definitely consider it. This restaurant serves both American and Caribbean fare. The reviews on Google indicate that customers enjoy the food served at this restaurant, but the average prices make it less attractive for many people.

Sunset soul food charlotte

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves delicious Seafood, try Sunset Soul Food in Charlotte, NC. Located at 5009 Beatties Ford RdSte 112, this restaurant offers Seafood cuisine. Parking is a problem, but they do offer takeout and delivery. If you have a group, you’ll want to reserve a table ahead of time. In addition, you can find a number of great discounts from $ to $ for your next meal here. Sunset Soul Food has an 8-out-of-ten rating.

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You can find Sunset Soul Food Inc. online, as well as a Charlotte location. You can find the menu online and order delivery or pickup. Popular items on the menu include Whole Wings (3 pcs), Turkey Wings, and Pork Chops. You can also use their online ordering system to keep track of your order. You’ll be glad you did. This Charlotte restaurant offers takeout, delivery, and pickup.

Sunset soul food and seafood

If you are looking for a restaurant that specializes in fried seafood and other grilled seafood dishes, look no further than Sunset Soul Food. This local restaurant has more than eight thousand menu items and offers catering, takeout, and delivery. Sunset Soul Food also offers a variety of salads, including chicken salad, a beef burger, and lunch salads. If you’re not a seafood fan, there are many options that will satisfy your cravings as well.

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Located in Charlotte, NC, Sunset Soul Food offers a diverse menu of soul-style cuisine, including oysters, crab cakes, and fried chicken. You can also order online and have the meal delivered to your door. Sunset Soul Food is open seven days a week and offers delivery and pickup to customers in the Charlotte area. If you’re interested in experiencing some of the best soul food in the city, try Sunset Soul Food Inc. You’ll love their food and their friendly service, and the price is affordable, too.

Sunset soul food and catering

Sunset Soul Food and Catering is well known for providing delicious, take out food. Its menu includes Southern, Caterers, and Soul cuisine. It serves New York, Connecticut, and Burlington, as well as neighborhoods throughout the region. While the restaurant does offer takeout, its prices are a little high compared to similar Burlington establishments. Its Google rating is only average. Still, if you’re looking for a burlington takeout place, Sunset Soul Food and Catering is worth checking out.

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Deliveries from Sunset Soul Food are available at eight AM and eleven PM in Charlotte. You can leave a tip for your delivery person through Uber Eats. If you don’t have Uber, you can use Eats Pass to avoid paying the delivery fee. These services are available at select locations and offer $0 delivery fees. If you’re planning on hosting a party or an event in Charlotte, Soul Food and Catering can provide you with delicious catering options.

Sunset soul food Woodbury NJ menu

Sunset Soul Food offers a diverse range of American dishes, including fried chicken, shrimp, grits, and more. The restaurant’s menu has plenty of options for a family meal, and it is also available for takeout and delivery. Customers rave about its friendly service, and the taste of their food. Here’s what’s on the menu at this Woodbury restaurant. We’ve rated Sunset Soul Food among the best in town, and we hope you’ll try it yourself!

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The menu at this restaurant can be found online and includes a wide selection of dishes. They do not serve square fish, but they do offer other menu items, such as chicken, ribs, and sausage. The restaurant is located at 5009 Beatties Ford Road, Woodbury, NJ 07053, and Country Sweets Bakery LLC is located in nearby Charlotte, NC. If you’d like to visit, you can view their complete menu online.

Sunset soul food INC

Sunset Soul Food Inc is a restaurant that serves authentic New Orleans soul food. You can take your lunch or dinner order a full-service catering menu. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of soul food favorites at a low price. In addition to the entrées, you can also order salads and other items from their lunch menu. You can enjoy a chicken salad, beef burger, or lunch salad. The prices are affordable, and you will love the large portions.

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You can place an order online or order in person at their Charlotte location. The menu is available for pickup or delivery. Currently, the most popular items on the Sunset Soul Food Inc. menu include Turkey Wings, Pork Chops, and Whole Wings. The restaurant is open seven days a week and offers online tracking. To place an order, call them at 704-865-8800 or click here. Sunset Soul Food offers online ordering.

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