Angie’s Soul Food Restaurant in Cleveland

Angie's Soul Food Restaurant in Cleveland
Angie's Soul Food Restaurant in Cleveland

Angie’s Soul Food Restaurant in Cleveland

If you are looking for a soul food restaurant in Cleveland, look no further. Angie’s soul food has been a local favorite since it opened on Carnegie Avenue and East 78th Street. The restaurant was previously known as Hot Sauce Williams and the building still houses their other location, Angie’s Soul Food. Owners Mike and Angie Williams are proud of their food and want you to have the best experience possible.

Angie’s soul food cafe

If you are in the mood for some southern comfort food, Angie’s Soul Food Cafe is the place to go. This restaurant serves up rib sandwiches, fried chicken and catfish, and southern desserts. The staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. However, you should expect to wait for some time if you go here, as their Google rating is low. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind waiting for a little bit, Angie’s Soul Food Cafe may be a good choice for you.

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The concept of Angie’s Soul Food began in the late 1970s as a home kitchen. The owner, Angie McLaughlin, brought her recipes from Santuck, South Carolina, and based the food on them. The emphasis on making everything from scratch and blending perfect seasonings was important to her, and her cooking style soon gained popularity in the area. Today, you can visit Angie’s soul food cafe in the historic Shaker Square.

Angie’s soul food Baltimore menu

If you’re looking for a delicious barbecue joint that serves soul food, Angi’s Soul Food and BBQ is a good option. This restaurant serves the same food in a variety of ways, including a fun and original presentation. Angie’s staff is knowledgeable about their dishes and can help you choose the perfect one. Google users have rated this place 4.2 stars. Check out their Baltimore menu online.

Angie’s soul food Carnegie avenue

If you’re in the neighborhood, you’re probably familiar with Angie’s Soul Food Cafe. The restaurant opened in East 78th Street, where it was previously called Hot Sauce Williams. Despite its name, this Cleveland eatery serves a wide variety of soul food. The menu includes smothered pork chops, collard greens, chicken and waffles, and more. The hours of operation are flexible, but the prices are still affordable.

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This black-owned, family-friendly, and black-owned restaurant offers a taste of southern comfort food. The small, unassuming interior reflects the emphasis on the food, rather than the atmosphere. While the menu is extensive and the prices are reasonably affordable, this isn’t a restaurant for the fussiest eater. It also provides takeout service. Angie’s has two locations, one on the southeast side and the second on Carnegie Avenue, a major commuter route.

Angie’s soul food discord

Angie’s soul food is a new dish in the online community. The food is based on African dishes, and Angie is a’soul food’ fan. She has been able to satiate her cravings for soul food since the show first aired. However, many of her fans are questioning the authenticity of the dish, and want to know how authentic it is. In order to find out, read on.

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Angie has an uncanny ability to reproduce objects in wax. She can even make replicas the same size as the original. In the game, Angie’s art affects other people’s minds, and she has even been compared to brainwashing. However, Angie’s beliefs are a bit unclear. The character also believes that she is an oracle of the god Atua.

Angie’s soul food emery RD

Angies Soul Food Emery Road is a Cleveland, Ohio restaurant. This restaurant specializes in southern cuisine. Angies is located at 23041 Emery Rd. You can get 100 points for making a reservation. It is one of the best American restaurants in the area. The food is excellent, and the service is fast. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough reviews to rate the food service quality and atmosphere. However, the prices are affordable, so you can’t go wrong with a meal here.

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The restaurant has been around for 25 years. You can expect good southern comfort food served in modest surroundings. The owners and staff are more concerned with quality than glitzy interior design. If you’re in the mood for a takeout meal, you can order it to go. The restaurant has two locations, one on the southeast side and another on a major commuter route in Carnegie.

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