digitalexits com What Does Digitalexits Do and How Does Digitalexits Work?

digitalexits com What Does Digitalexits Do and How Does Digitalexits Work?

Digital Exits specializes in the sale of online businesses, particularly large tech ones. They have sold over 100 companies and have a 94% closing rate.

The company offers a straight brokerage service and a unique exit planning program. Their goal is to get you the best possible sale price. It consists of a 6- or 12-month program where they consult and assist you in preparing your business for sale.

What does DigitalExits do? – digitalexits com

Digital Exits is a business brokerage that connects entrepreneurs with buyers who are looking to purchase their online businesses. They are based in Los Angeles and have completed more than 100 deals worldwide.

They work with a wide range of different types of companies, including e-commerce websites and highly profitable content sites. However, they are primarily geared toward large tech firms that make at least $250,000 in profits each year.

To start the valuation process, you’ll need to fill out a short form detailing your company’s financials and contact information. Afterward, a member of their team will contact you to review your information.

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Once they have all of the information needed, they will provide you with a valuation. This will include your profits, net sales, and more.

In addition to the valuation, they will also offer you a list of potential buyers that they’ve already assembled. This is an extremely helpful service, as it gives you access to more buyers who may be interested in purchasing your website.

The company is run by Jock Purtle and Robert Kale, both of whom have extensive experience in buying and selling businesses. They have been featured in esteemed publications and have worked with clients across the globe.

How does DigitalExits work? – digitalexits com

Digital Exits is a broker that specializes in the sale of online businesses. It works with clients in a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, content sites, and SaaS businesses.

Digital Exits has a large database of potential buyers and a proven method for finding them. It has access to buyers from all over the world and focuses on establishing a network of vetted buyers for your business.

Before you list your business with digitalexits com, they will perform a valuation and ask for the past 2 years’ tax returns, balance sheet, and profit and loss statement. Once they have this information, they will call you to get more details on your company.

Then, they will create an agency agreement that outlines everything that they’ll do for you in the selling process. This includes the percentage of the sales price that they’ll get on closing.

Moreover, they can help you prepare for the sale by analyzing your costs and profits and finding ways to improve them. They also help you extract your business so that it’s less reliant on the owner, which makes it a better investment for a buyer.

What are the alternative to DigitalExits?

Digital Exits is one of the more recognizable online business resale services and they certainly don’t disappoint. Their website is well laid out, user friendly and a breeze to navigate. They have two service offerings: a traditional brokerage deal and a long-term exit planning scheme that combines elements of both into an impressively effective package.

The company also has an extensive list of testimonials from their plethora of clients. They are a worthy addition to any online business owner’s list of vendors and the best thing about them is that they will not betray you. They are one of the most trusted names in the industry and have a track record of successfully selling and buying online businesses of all shapes and sizes.

There are a few contenders in the digital resale space but none of them can touch digitalexits com when it comes to figuring out which is right for you.

What are the advantages of DigitalExits?

Digital Exits is a company that helps online business owners sell their businesses. The company has a track record of over 100 completed transactions worldwide.

They offer two different service offerings: straight brokerage and their unique exit planning program. The latter is a 6- or 12-month process in which they help prepare a business for sale by implementing methods like increasing profits, extracting the owner, and approaching strategic buyers.

The brokerage then gets a percentage of the total contract price. For example, if you sell your business for $200,000, they will get $20,000.

If you’re looking for an online brokerage with a track record and experience, then look no further than digitalexits com. They have worked with businesses all around the world, and they’ve made profits ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

In addition, they have experience in working with business owners in all industries and all ages, which can be crucial when it comes to finding the right buyer for your online business. Moreover, they are known to have a strong team with years of experience. This gives them the opportunity to vet potential buyers before they make a purchase, ensuring you get a fair deal and avoid any scams or time wasters along the way.

Is DigitalExits legit and secure? – digitalexits com

Digital Exits is a website broker that helps both buyers and sellers in the process of selling online businesses. Its services include valuation, maximizing the value of an online business above market price, and creating an agency agreement with clear, concise, and transparent terms.

Founded in 2014, digitalexits com works primarily with large technology-oriented businesses. These companies make profits of $250,000 to $5 million a year.

They work with clients all around the world and have completed over 100 deals. They use an analytical and consultative approach to help their clients find the right buyer for their business.

The company is run by Jock Purtle and Robert Kale, both of whom have extensive experience in the field of buying, selling, and growing businesses. This experience is a huge advantage, especially for a company like Digital Exits, which focuses on website brokerage.

In order to sell your site with Digital Exits, you must first submit an application for a valuation. They will take into consideration factors such as your net profit, your business model, and your website traffic to determine the value of your online business. Then, they will create an agency agreement with you and handle the rest of the process.

How should you sell businesses on DigitalExits?

One of the best ways to sell your online business is to enlist the aid of a professional. These experts will take care of everything from valuing your website to pinpointing the perfect buyer for you. In addition, they’ll give you the peace of mind you deserve and ensure you get the most out of your sale.

Digital Exits is a top-notch online business brokerage that has landed over 100 deals to date. The company offers a robust network of premium buyers and an impressive valuation process that lands the best possible price for your online business.

They are also known for their impressively detailed website listing pages. This includes a number of interactive features that are sure to attract more clicks and eyeballs.

They also have an award-winning customer support team that’s always on hand to answer questions. Lastly, they’ve got an impressive client list that spans the globe. As a result, their service is unmatched by their competitors. It’s not uncommon to see deals closing in as little as 7 months. As the name suggests, this company specializes in selling large tech businesses. They have an average deal size of $250k to $5 million and an impressive 94% closing rate.

How should you buy businesses on DigitalExits?

Digital Exits is an online platform that helps buyers and sellers buy and sell businesses. They offer a range of services, including business valuation and maximizing the value of online businesses above market price. They also help with business transition and provide post-sale support. They have completed more than 100 deals, and have a great reputation among clients.

The company claims to have a network of premium buyers, and they use their expertise to find the right buyer for your business. They use a wide range of factors to determine the value of your business, including net profit, growth trends, website traffic, link profile, and business model. They will also look at your competition, niche, and more to determine how much money your business is worth.

To buy a business on digitalexits com, you’ll need to submit your listing details and receive a quote from them within 48 hours. Once you have a quote, you can begin negotiations with buyers who may be interested in your business. Once you have a deal, funds will be wired from the buyer to the seller and your business will be transferred to them.

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