Cry Babies Candy Gum

Cry Babies Candy Gum
Cry Babies Candy Gum

Cry Babies Candy Gum

Cry babies candy can be found in a rainbow of colors and are anything but sweet. You’ll find yourself scrunching your face, puckering your lips, and squinting your eyes when you bite into one. Cry Baby candies will give you a sour taste in your mouth and make your face well up. They will be a lifetime memory for those who loved this nostalgic candy. Read on for a fun way to experience a Cry Baby candy moment.

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Cry babies candy gum – Cry Babies

If you’ve never tried Cry Babies candy gum before, you’re in for a treat. They come in five sharp flavors, including Extra Sour. The sour candy can be a great way to celebrate April Fools Day or to indulge during Halloween. All Cry Babies candy gums come individually wrapped. Each chewy, sour ball contains sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, citric acid, and artificial colors.

Babies love: Cry Babies Candy Gum & Ingredients

The gum is coated in a sour coating, making it nearly as sour as a piece of candy. The sour coating actually makes many people weep. However, the sour taste of Cry Babies candy gum is so unique, some people even get tearful when they chew one. Cry Babies candy gum comes in various flavors and is sold in jars or individually as sour candy.

Cry babies candy near me | Cry Babies

For more delicious treats, try the sour, eye-watering Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum. These candy bars come in individual boxes so you can indulge in a little bit of sour fun anywhere. For a party, add some of these to a candy buffet or gift basket. You can even mix them into lemonades or punches. The tart flavor makes these gums a perfect pick for kids and adults alike.

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If you love sour candy, you’re going to love these tear-shaped morsels. These tasty treats come in individual boxes and are the perfect addition to a candy buffet bar, Halloween bucket, gift basket, or even lunch boxes. You can even add them to drinks such as lemonade slushies and margaritas to give your guests a sweet and sour experience.

Do they still make cry babies candy? – Cry Babies

Cry Babies Candy are tart bombs made from sweet gum. They last about 40 seconds, so they’re a perfect candy for those who can’t handle the bitter taste of a sour candy. Apparently, this product is still popular, and the question remains, “Do cry babies still make candy?”

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Cry Babies Candy are available in a variety of flavors, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll be crying. You’ll experience a sour taste, which will make your eyes water. These candies can also be used to make punches and lemonades. While the taste may be bitter, it’s definitely worth a try! It’s easy to understand why this candies have been popular among children for years.

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